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Making Blockchain, AI & IoT Tech Accessible For Everyone

Pundi X 365 provides Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), Internet of Things (“IoT”) solutions and consulting services for companies which are exploring to implement next generation technologies for reducing overhead costs, increasing collaboration with partners, and drive greater business efficiencies.



Our Solutions

Find out how Pundi X 365 products and solutions can help you grow, evolve and future-proof your business with next generation technologies.

Our Services


Our Smart Agri-management Platform provides intelligent information collection and cloud-based production and marketing services for agriculture, by combining Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things. 

Blockchain Platform

Function X is our blockchain infrastructure for data processing that will allow your business or organization to have its own unique blockchain (public or private) and digital assets fully customized without any coding skills required.


Blockchain-based platform that allows universities to issue students' degrees/diplomas on the blockchain, as well as the medical Institutions to issue certifications on the blockchain. 


XPOS ® is the world’s first blockchain-based point-of-sale device. It provides instant in-store transaction of digital currency, including topping up and payment transaction. With the XPOS ®, both merchant and consumer are able to use digital assets with ease using NFC-enable cards or app

Loyalty Program

Blockchain-based loyalty point solution is built to on-board various merchants and brands to place their loyalty points on one trusted platform and make it convenient for users to spend and receive loyalty points in various retail outlets globally. 

Maritime Industry

By facilitating quick processing and real-time updates in the exchange of multiple documents between various parties, blockchain is cutting down bureaucracy common in the maritime industry, moving world trade faster, smoother.

WildFires Prevention

An advanced technology designed to detect & prevent wildfires swiftly and efficiently


An Innovative Artificial Intelligence Medical Cloud Platform for delivering enhanced ECG Services to Healthcare Professionals and Consumers globally


Robust and secure applications that can help governments drive better citizen experiences


Our strategy is to work with industry leaders to scale up the adoption of our products and services. The quality products that we will offer will be successfully integrated with leading companies and government systems to tackle current issues.

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Our goal is to help you grow, evolve and future-proof your business with the latest generation technologies.


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