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Pundi X 365 helps you easily integrate blockchain technology to your business. You can now create your own private or public blockchain and issue digital tokens quick and easy without the need for coding skills.

Develop your own blockchain and digital assets

Pundi X 365 offers Function X, our blockchain platform that makes it easy for businesses and organizations to create their own blockchain, deploy the nodes without any coding skills required but just 3 easy steps.

What is Function X ?

Function X is a decentralized network. It is intended to be an integrated solution to serve decentralized networks. The Function X recipe consists of a combination of a new blockchain algorithm, a complete set of a decentralized network, a decentralized communication architecture and a decentralized governance protocol.


We believe that decentralization should be absolute, immutable and without a tinge of centralization. This encompasses the design concepts, architecture, procedure/protocol, as well as governance structures.


What Does Function X Solve?

Function X aims to disrupt and break away from institutional centralization and monopoly, by building a blockchain network service on the internet with all the useful features and experiences of the internet products today.


Function X enables swift migration of businesses onto f(x)'s blockchain service network, and allows each developer to have absolute control over their own data, thus effectively removing barriers between two businesses.


With data monopolization removed, f(x) cultivates a new sense of pure competition, especially in product development to enhance user experience and improve efficiency.  It is a refreshing break, away from the past regime of data monopoly that has fended off new players , aspirants, and stymied innovation itself.

Function X features

Create your own Blockchain and token in less than 5 minutes without any coding skills required

Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol to allow different chains to interact with each other through Function X

Deploy your own nodes and relay nodes

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Proof Of Service

Synthetic Assets

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