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Pundi X 365 Blockchain-based loyalty point solution is built to onboard various merchants and brands to place their loyalty points on one trusted platform and make it convenient for users to spend and receive loyalty points in various retail outlets globally.


There are many loyalty points in the market. People forget to use the loyalty points they have collected and eventually ignore them.


Having the loyalty points on the blockchain will increase the usability and value while it can be spent in different stores.

Our Solution

365 Loyalty Platform

Easily create and deploy your blockchain-based loyalty point program on 365 Loyalty Platform. All the awards and usage will be recorded on the platform to know how your marketing fund spent on the loyalty program

Issue your own customized loyalty card which can be also paired on XWallet mobile app.

We will facilitate the distribution of your loyalty points through a smart contract.

loyalty 4.png

Consumer Benefits


Redeem their loyalty points easily in restaurants, hotels, or places where XPOS is located both in Cyprus or over 30 countries in the world. 

Loyalty points powered by 365 Platform can be transferred easily through Telegram chat as gifts or send to a private blockchain wallet. 

Purchase loyalty points at XPOS across the world. Your company can also offer zero service fees or discounted loyalty point purchases via XPOS devices in your partnered physical outlets. 

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