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By facilitating quick processing and real-time updates in the exchange of multiple documents between various parties, blockchain is cutting down bureaucracy common in the maritime industry, moving world trade faster, smoother.

Current challenges

Most of the documents filed by companies and customs fail to provide real-time visibility and data quality, which often causes setbacks in financial settlements. 

The current process of moving goods from origin to destination is complex and lacking a single source of truth to store and track all transactions and constituents involved.

Fraudulent activities and documentary manipulations.

Our Solution

365 PLATFORM - Shipping Milestone

Real time status of a shipment or container including documents and route plan.

Permissioned access - Only the entities that are involved in the shipment and have authorized access can view the status of the shipment, documents, and route plan on the 365 platform.

365 PLATFORM - Digital Documents

Digital shipping documents can be created, uploaded, exchanged and updated to the document storage by any authorized party.

Documents are shared securely, with blockchain-powered version control and total privacy.

Create your own Blockchain and token in less than 5 minutes without any coding skills required

Whenever a document is edited or uploaded to the 365 platform, the new block will be created and linked to the original document.

All the nodes get the copies and have the ability to confirm the transactions.

365 PLATFORM - Condition of Goods

The quality and condition of goods can be viewed by the authorized party  at every stop or final mile on the 365 platform.

It is beneficial for companies or individual to claim refund or insurance compensation.

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