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Forest Fires


WildFires Prevention

An advanced technology designed to detect & prevent wildfires swiftly and efficiently

InaMesh - WildFires Prevention

Our protocol ensures seamless and secure communication between sensors and data collection points, even in areas without connectivity.

Early Detection: Inamesh's system excels in providing early detection of wildfires. This early detection is crucial because it enables firefighting agencies to respond promptly and deploy resources to contain the fire before it spreads and causes significant damage.

Engineered hardware boxes containing sensors that can be efficiently deployed via helicopter

 Inamesh's solutions are scalable, meaning they can cover large and diverse areas. This scalability is essential for regions with varying terrain and vegetation types, such as those prone to wildfires.

The sensors gather critical environmental data in real-time, such as temperature, hu- midity, and wind conditions, enabling early fire detection and proactive response

Our solution incorporates several emerging trends and disruptive technologies including IoT and Data Analytics

Inamesh's technology has undergone real-world testing and validation. Field tests and case studies have consistently shown its ability to detect wildfires quickly and accurately, allowing for rapid response.

 Inamesh's innovative approach has the potential to transform the field of wildfire prevention and beyond

Our Solution

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