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We make it possible for universities to issue students' degrees/diplomas on the blockchain, as well as the medical Institutions to issue certifications on the blockchain using our blockchain platform.

365 Documentation Platform

Documents are shared securely, with blockchain-powered version control and total privacy.

Whenever a document is edited or uploaded to the 365 certification platform, the new block will be created and linked to the original document.

Eliminates the third party thus limiting the cost of transaction on the network.

Certificates are placed on a distributed ledger so that people can have access to information anytime, anywhere. 

Speeds up the document flow several times.

Risk of losing the documents is eliminated.

Minimized paperwork.

Our Solution

Our goal is to help you grow, evolve and future-proof your business with the latest generation technologies.

Office Cyprus

75 Limassol Avenue, Suite 401,
Nicosia 2121, Cyprus
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